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Updated: Oct 3


Life coaching empowers clients to explore their goals, passions, and potential obstacles through expert support. Great life coaches help people overcome obstacles in their pursuit of success and happiness, whether it's financial freedom or finding new perspectives through personal growth. Our Life Coach Certification Course will equip you with all of the tools, knowledge, and confidence necessary to serve others and boost your own personal success as well!

Why do people hire a life coach? They want to take care of themselves, live a great life, and be their best selves. Ideally, they would like you by their side, knowing them and their goals better than anyone else on the planet. We can help with that! Our instructor-led certification gets you quickly through our flagship program in just five weeks without sacrificing quality because we've already created it for you.

Why do people become life coaches? Perhaps you want to gain the lifestyle you desire or tap into your passion to help others. We too, share in the joy of seeing others succeed, both with life coaching and certifying life coaches. Plus who doesn’t want to set their own hours and profit with purpose by coaching. Apply today to join this elite group of high-achievers who are on their way to transform lives around the globe.

You can expect the following from our five week remote learning program:

Receive Maximum Benefit from Scheduled Live Instruction

Receive an Assessment to Identify Your Niche

Gain Confidence and Learn to Build Up Others Around You with Useful Coaching Resources

Develop a Strong Foundation for Your Coaching Practice

Guidance on How to Get Your Business Up and Running

Brainstorming Session to Help you Create and Bring Forth Your First Product

Receive One on One Guidance, Brainstorming and Motivation from Coach Lemmie for 3 Months

Receive a Credible Life Coaching Certificate

Faith Filled Appreciation Box

The life coaching revolution is here. For the first time in history, you don't have to be an expert in anything but yourself. Take your expertise and turn it into a business serving others by helping them end their journey through unfulfilling jobs or careers, personal struggles and so much more. Find out more today!

Course Timeline:

November 7th - December 12th, 2021 (Thanksgiving Weekend we will be off)

3:00pm MST, 4:00pm CST, 5:00pm EST.

Cost: Early Bird Special until October 16th

of $595.00 (one-time payment)


- $95.00 Non-Refundable Deposit

- Remaining balance of $500.00 due by December 10, 2021.

Beginning October 17, 2021

Pay option 1

$795.00 (one-time payment)

Payment Options Available

Pay option 2

- $250.00 Non-Refundable Deposit

- Remaining balance of $545.00 due by December 10th, 2021

- Total Cost of $795.00

Payment option (Married Couples)

- $350.00 Non-Refundable Deposit

- Remaining balance of $645.00 due by December 10th, 2021

- Total Cost of $995.00

**Other forms of payments accepted:


Apple Pay

Cash App


Payment plans are available! Contact us for more information.

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